today is a special day for me...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

how special is that..erm..i would like to keep it as a secret..haha

but there is another thing i m happy of..
which is ......MANAGEMENT P. is OVER!!!

hooray..wat a good thing yea...can rest for a few days..onli start studying my last subject-->FIM..

now guess wat m i doing..haha..watching PPS..enjoying now had been a tough week ..but nvm..we did it...and its over...we shuld celebrate it rite?
coz we have made it..!^^

exam is not a bad thing for me..i did enjoy the process..(i mean the preparation) ..coz it is somehow like a goal for me...the one and only goal in my current life..i work hard for it..i enjoy it..i try to miracle come true..(although miracle will not happen)..but still..i m enjoyed to be a UTARIAN^^...
i MEAN it..from my bottom of my heart..



i am a short girl..(according to my fren, T.T) but i love my height.. although i love my height, but i do not really love my weight coz when others see me, most of them will say :"哇,好吃好住哦” obviously,i get what's the meaning..>
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