2012 is Coming Soon?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is the topic that most of us are discussing now,
with the happening of 8.9 magnitude earthquake, which triggered a tsunami and following by a leakage of radiation from Japan's  quake-hit nuclear plant..
A huge disaster for JAPAN and a great unknown for us!

The disasters cause a huge deluge swept away the the area which being affected
making it become a swampy area..
all the residents in Japan are panic-stricken, streets are deserted after the disaster..

thousands of people are homeless, telecommunication breaks down, some of them have  no idea where to update the latest information of Japan quake-hit areas..

This is a very challenging moment for all affected people in Japan, the explosion of nuclear plant has made the situation worst, residents in japan state that they have no idea for their future, as well as no idea has they exposed to radioactive, will they be alive tomorrow?
Chernobyl nuclear disaster shouldn't repeat..no more !

The world is changing, 2012 is unknown, what else can we do, the end of the world is coming ?
will we be survived? Is tomorrow available?

all are still UNKNOWN for everyone of us,
pray for Japan, pray for ourselves!

after taxation mid term

Saturday, March 5, 2011

hmm..the feeling now is like ..down ..down and down...
few small mistakes affect the whole tax computation..
i would say..don't be so careless next time, concentrate when looking at the question..

i would like to say, this semester is a very important semester for me to push up my CGPA, no big mistake is allowed if i want to score well, thus i have great pressure when studying for any single subjects, all my mind is about good result good result and good result..this will drive me crazy if i don't manage it well..

Still, i want to score well this semester, no matter how pressurize it is, no matter how tough it will be, no matter how be careful i should be, i am going + will do my very best in this semester...in every single subject..

this is my target for this semester.. i don not have any targeted result, just wish that i m able to have a great improve if compared to previous semester!

                                                  ~As a promise, to me myself~... ... 

New Mouse!!=)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I went to our uni PC fair and i bought a lovely green Mouse for my lappie!!=)
hehe..!finally i get one since the old mouse had spoiled !..=(

It only costs me RM12 (originally), and it looks much more nicer than my previous one..oh..i love this mouse very much !

hmm~~~i chose a green one becoz i love green colour..and it represents eco-friendly!!
yo..we must have "green alert"!! in order to keep our earth healthy!

"opps..then i must not call for delivery anymore..since this is not eco friendly at all..T.T"

come~~let me show you some pics here=)

Green Green..i love Green ^^



i am a short girl..(according to my fren, T.T) but i love my height.. although i love my height, but i do not really love my weight coz when others see me, most of them will say :"哇,好吃好住哦” obviously,i get what's the meaning..>
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