The Walking Dead Trailer

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am following up this drama lately..the Walking Dead..hmm
is a nice drama i would say....
quite exciting and interesting..
yo guys..
check it out!!

A night with an awake girl

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's a lovely night which is nice to sleep

I am still 4.47am right now,
the first time i couldn't get into sleep,,,

I have gotten up, on my lappy, planning to play some games or listen to some musics..
at last, I ended up editing my blog, 
as well as editing my pic in order to let my blog has a different background..

My blog has a new look!

birthday @ 06/10/2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

yeap.that day was my birthday!!
i enjoyed it so so so so much..
this is the first time i celebrate with first "he" i would say~
he came all along the way to JB to celebrate my birthday..
i feel so touched and appreciate everything
i do not take this for granted!
i cherish it to the MAX!!

he accompanied me to jusco for a 3D my first 3D movie in my life!..
haha..hmm..that movie----> Resident Evil 3D is not a bad movie..but there is no subtitles!!
thus..i missed out quite a lot of the lines..LOL

we went for a lunch in stonegrill
he never been to this restaurant..
he said the TOMYAM (my favourite one) is very delicious..
and the chicken chop is nice as well..
i am glad that he enjoyed that lunch^^
and i hope i can always bring him for another good food in JB next time!
 ( although not much special food here..>.<)

At night..thanks for him to fetch cynthia and i to mount austin..the "place for mad people" haha..
named "feng ren guan"!!
the place is nice to take pics..and the fish sticks are damn nice wei..i LOVE that..haha..
next time sure go and dapao some..hehe..XD

Some words from me,

To all my friends who sent me birthday wishes, no matter thru which method, facebook or sms or phone call,
I REALLY appreciate all the wishes u all had given me..i am glad that u all are actually willing to drop a comment in my wall,  tag me in ur status or a post, send me a sms or give me a phone call (such as diyao?haha) word to u all.. THANKS!!! (from the bottom of my heart!=)

To my TG6 classmates, thanks for giving me an advance surprise!i love the cake..hehe..and that gives me an opportunity to cut cake wei..(according to swimming go)haha..FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!! + CLASSMATES FOREVER!!=)

To my beloved friend, cynthia, thanks for making an effort to celebrate with paiseh cant go out till very late..hehe..but i enjoyed it much about u ya?hehe..i like those games although they made me feel stupid..and i like ur "ma yi" time must call u miss "ma yi" ..haha

To my SIS!!!!!!..yohoo..jie jie ar..thanks for giving me a wonderful lunch + a pair of wa wa shoes as my birthday present..!!Love u much my sis..i love the lunch..coz i like to eat..i love the i really need it..and u have given those things to me which make me super duper happy, u noe that u cant celebrate with me on that day itself..but u came back home earlier in order to celebrate with me in advance..thanks ya sis..hehehe..and all the best in everything..jia you in ur assignment & presentation ya..

To my bro, haha..thanks for teaching me those " roger than, negative..skill!!.." haha..i love those phrase..and i will use it for quite some times..hahaha..hmm..and i am so excited that u actually share a birthday present with dad..!!i like the present as it was chosen by myself haha=)

To my dad, papa!!thanks for giving me the gift..!! although u always look like doesn't care about those birthday thingy..but u still remind mum to buy me a present..when i knew that from mum, i feel so touched!! thanks papa..and the SMS too!!..i din expect that sms from u..but it is so precious!!

To my mummy, hehe..mum, thanks for ur present ( hmm..i wun say what kind of present u had given me, BUT i LOVE it so much) ..and i need that so much too..mum..the present is so lovely and sweet..the design of the present are all so special and it so much..!! ^^

To vnct, hmm,,.thanks for making the effort in preparing for this JB trip..and the present as well as the celebration..i love the apple u gave me..and it smells so nice..!!i will use it everyday when i go to school..hehe, i know u are so tired to come all the way down to JB..but u still did it!! i feel so surprise!and the days u were here, i feel so happy, so happy that u enjoyed over here..=)THANKS YA!!^^

last but not least ! thanks all!!..

from chun ling


Friday, September 17, 2010




haiz 很烦啊!!



Friday, September 3, 2010


ipoh half day trip with u=)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


happy that u brought me to ipoh parade for shopping..although i did not shop much..(u know the reason..haha)

happy that u brought me to the fantastic dinner as u know..i really LOVE curry mee...and u were actually brought me to the great curry mee stall!!the curry was damn hot and spicy..made my face blushed and my lips almost swollen..!!hahaha..other than curry ..the side dishes..猪肠粉 and popiah..hmm..yummy yummy~haha

happy that u brought me to sing k~enjoyed it much..hmm..ur singing skill not bad yea..hahaha~

cameron 之旅~

Thursday, August 26, 2010


只有一字能形容, 赞!!


thanks so much for preparing for the outing..XD

Sunday, August 8, 2010

yesterday night..was my first date with him..
we watched movie, went for shopping and 
had a nice dinner together ..(shiny too yo^^)~
it was such a memorable it so much..

when we were bored of waiting for the food to come

after the dinner in wong kok..=)
with my roomate+coursemate+housemate+classmate+frens---> chai nee

the surprise i got from him..thanks ^^


i am always FREE before exam..zzz

Friday, August 6, 2010

yea..i am really freeEEeee before exam..
coz i wanna avoid studying..>.< am i doing some editing in my photos..

Such a boring siao za bo..=)

Nutrition Food Fair 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

| 0 comments there was an event going on in block D,
we went there to support our bio med frens..hehe
they all did a good job..
we went for the food stall and also went for blood pressure test,
blood glucose test, weight and height measure..

my result of that:

Blood pressure : PASS..NORMAL..
Blood glucose: Hmm..a bit lower than normal..>.<

today is my turning point..

Sunday, August 1, 2010


hmm..i did an important decision today and it is a turning point in my life..
i am going to cherish the decision i made..
and i am going to get myself prepared..
jia you Chun Ling..~^.^

things are getting better

Thursday, July 29, 2010


hmm..all things are getting better nowadays..
i feel better as well..
i know that i am not suppose to keep u for waiting so long..
but i plan not to think of anything now is because all exams are cramping up this few weeks..and yet this thing is actually happening now in these few weeks..
There is always  a solution for a problem and decision/answer for a question. Thus, i hope that you are willing to wait for it ...^^

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday night i went for a movie in ipoh with my frens ----> Lei hung, A kang, lee nel, cynthia and shiny..
we all straight away go to ipoh after my exams at 8pm..

this movie is about magic world..
the story line is good in the sense of the writers slip in some funny story line which makes all audiences laugh happily.Besides, the effect of the movie is fantastic as it brings me into a magical world..

there are more photos ..

(*) ice - cream (*)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ice cream...
the sweetest dessert in my life..
i know that gurls like sweet stuff..
same goes to me..
but i am not in favour of chocolates..haha
i am in love with ice-cream..
no matter chocolate flavor, vanila or yam..
as long as it is belong to ice-cream family..
i will always love it..~


Monday, July 12, 2010



a great day XD

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

haha..yesterday night i went out with cynthia , michelle as well as two of my uni's international students,
hamara and watch football!!
they two are nice people..friendly and kept talking to us to make us feel comfortable with when chatting with them..erm..sadly to say , my english is really not up to the standard yet, that's why we had some communication problem..XD..LOL..
however, we managed to understand the key point of the sentences..thus, we chatted happily and i get to understand some of their culture ..they made me more knowledgeable!!haha..:)


Thursday, May 27, 2010



那只狗从他主人隔壁拼了命地冲向我,当时的我脑筋一片空白,怎么办, 我到底该怎么办,
我吓得眼泪都飙出来,哈哈,还真没用叻,当我回过神,我弟告知我,当我喊的时候,好多在晨跑的auntie uncle 们都看着我,惨了,糗死了><


outings with some of the muachis..haha

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday we as a four went to the most surprising place ---> city square K songs..and took pics as a memory..because a mao is leaving malaysia soon..she is going to China..haha
so we took this opportunity to go out with her..and let us have a look at her..
since we have not been met for a long time..hehe..

A simple yet nice gathering with u all muachi..
looking forward to next gathering with the rest of the muachis..i know its hard for us to meet in 8 persons..
thus we meet each other separately bah..hehe..:)

i am scared of the time

Monday, May 17, 2010

time passes really fast..
i had finished my degree Year 1 in utar..
two years had passed including foundation year,
i am scared..scared of the time..which is able to bring me away from my utar friends..
which is able to take me away from school life..and throw me into the biz world..
i do not wish to reach that moment so quickly..
because i love the excitements having here during uni life..
so please ..wishing for the time to go slower..
i am trying my very best to cherish my time now..trying hard to make my life as interesting as possible..
i keep taking photos because of i dun wish to miss out all these wonderful moments..
everything will be so different after two years..
so i need to take all these down one by one..
so that i am able to flip back those photos i had taken..when i reach the old age..

and there is a piece of msg to dear mr.time :
please slow down sir..slow down ur speed..hehe

Ft island

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Five Treasure island a.k.a. FTI
is a wonderful and most popular instrumental band in South Korea.
They have wonderful achievements once they release their albums..
although this group is formed by all young men..
but they are so talented, attracting so many fans~
the most important one is..they have so many fans not only because they have a nice looking gifted by the god,
they have a marvellous talents as well..
they are gifted to exist in this musical world..
they deserve the popularity..

there are two guys in this team attracted me,
these two guys are born in 1990, same year as mine,
suddenly this reminded me that i had wasted my 20 years time, as i have no special talent until now, and they are able to stand on the stage, playing well with their intrumental devices, started to regret ;..haha..and i hope that i am able to master a talent as well..or if not..i hope that in my next life ..i will be able to become one of those idols..TALENTED idol..^.^

the main vocalist in this group..only 20 years old currently, 
such a young man..but he has a very mature voice..
his voice is so attractive and sounds sad..
very emotinal kind of voice..
besides, he looks cute as well when he is not singing..XD
when he starts to sing..oh gosh..he is a super mature man..^^

the guitarist as well as the rapper in this group.
He is the ex-member of FTI,
he has a great talent as well..
he is able is rap well,
has a good-looking face,
and he is able to attract most of the girls when he ia playing with his guitar,
but sadly to say, he left this group since jan 2009,
how sad is that, such a talented guy left the group and made so many of his fans cried over this again and again, but i know ..his fans will all give him their full support!!

Ft island ROCKSSS!!!!

haha..exams finished!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

| 0 comments YEAR 1 SEM3 final exam had finished!!..
Finally, haha..year 1 has completed..
thanks to all my lecturers for guiding me all along this year..
it had been a tough year and more tough than foundation..
i know there is more challenging subjects waiting for me soon in the second year~
thus, i am going to get myself prepared..
jia you yap chun ling!!

i m getting more and more tired now..:(

Friday, April 30, 2010

| 4 comments week is really a suffering week to all of us..
yet so free yet so busy..aikss..
really annoying..
other than study , we eat, other than eating, we study..
can imagine how suffering it is..
my brain is getting more and more tired now..

whats make me so suffering this sem..?
my coursework mark?
yup..80% is because of this..
i was too playful during mid terms..
thus i had a very very bad coursework mark this time..

who's fault?
whats cause me to study so so so hard now?
all is because of ME myself..
who to blame? is ME
who is supposed to bring back the marks lost? is ME... more complaints chun ling^^
the only i can do now is working hard and striking hard for it..thats all..
nothing else..
ALL the BEST chun ling...!! i can make it..:)

JIA YOU^.^(to all my frens too)

exam coming yor~

Friday, April 23, 2010

my study week starts!!
so is really time for me to pay full attention to it..

erm..this study week...our beloved fren ..feng lii come to kampar and visit us..besides, pooi sian came here too..
these two frens were our ex-kampar frens..haha
now they are studying in setapak campus..

its really a long time since we last meet feng lii ..almost a year~
so this gathering is really a great one for all of us here..
i wish that we can go back to foundation time so much..
although it is impossible to happen..
i still wish that we all able to maintain this friendship ..^^

healthy life chun ling!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

today is an usual day..
as usual..i m staying at home..doing my revision for final..
my progress for revision is very slow..
because i do not pay my 100% attention into it..
i played zombies after studying for a while..
i chatted with my friends when i started to feel boring..
thats why ..until now..i still cant get to finish all subjects..

and now guess what am i doing..
haha..maggi mee
curry maggi mee with egg..wahaha..
i think my hair will all drop soon..
hopefully i will stop eating all these unhealthy food..
and lead a healthy life..

sushi bonanza!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

yesterday we went out as a gang to sushi king..
for sushi bonanza~
as you know..there must be a lot a lot of ppl waiting for sushi..
we all waited for nearly one hour..
and during the one hour..
we chatted..
we was eating hotdogs , bread and whatsoever that can fill our stomach..
we played ..
we took pics..

Say cheese!!

Leng o~~

People waiting outside XD

wow..busy busy~~

Future X-cop

Monday, April 12, 2010

Future x-cop..

i went for a movie in ipoh on 9th April a friday..:)

if u ask me whats my comment on this movie..
erm..i would say..quite a good script..
but my frens said is quite fake ..LOL..
everyone has different perceptions on this movie..
overall..i would give 3 stars out of 5..XD


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Uncle, 我今午接到一通电话,姐姐带来给我这封噩耗..说您走了,离开我们了,




a new day .. a new life

Friday, April 9, 2010

life doesn't go on as smoothly as i expected..
sometimes..things happen beyond our control..

A new day,
A new life,
forget the unhappy past ,
hope for a better future..

how i wish i have somebody to lean on when i was unhappy.

but i m thankful because i have a bunch of frens to talk to..

and i am happy that i have my family with me..

just like what my friend told me

"learn to like the thing u have now instead of searching the one u like.."

i AM boring!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

| 0 comments's a boring day..
after my last class for today..
i cycled back to hostel with housemate~

and by the time i reached usual ..i would do the thing that normally all UTAR students will do..which

but sometimes..facebook is boring too..
no mood to play facebook mood to play zombies now..
aiks aiks..~~should be studying by the way..but ... ...
LOL~~totally NO mood..

yo ...calling study mood!!
yo ...calling zombies mood!!
yo ...calling facebook mood!!

HAHA~..such a boring me..:)chun ling..u 're really BORING..><

~ L.I.B.R.A.R.Y ~

Monday, April 5, 2010


Its a monday !!
haha..a normal school day, as usual, we went to school in the morning, 
it was a 8am class, but we reached there around 8.15am..hehe..
we were late, if you ask me the reason for being late to school, it was because we walked to school,haha~

during the two hours break in the afternoon, we all went to the library after having out lunch~
guess what were we
we were suppose to be studying there..
but ended up....

(1) taking picture ^^

(2) errm...what were they doing? taking pics of their admirer? XD

(3)..FINALLY...we were back to our main purpose of coming to library ^.^

McD "trip" with u guys XD

Sunday, April 4, 2010

1 April 2010..did you get fooled by your friends??
haha..I am sure that YOU ALL had fun with it..either fooled by ppl or fooling ppl around..or both^^
for me, i was fooled by my friend..but it was a nice and funny one..LOL

on this day, we housemates had nothing to do, and the most “资深” housemate, our leng zai lei hung, brought us to Ipoh, went Ipoh for what?? haha..tell you frankly , just for McD!! ahaha..don't laugh my friends, kampar students here like to go there for McD, because sadly to say, there is no McD in Kampar, and we ALL love McD, LOL~

before we set off to ipoh, lei hung told me he received a call from his classmates, said they were about to go there for McD too, thus, we joined them as a big group for McD..yohoo^^. Although we did not know about his friends, but come on..we all are youngster, making friends around is our favourite^^..haha..lei hung did introduce his friends to us..and of course, introduced us to his friends too XD~

But on that day itself, my condition was not good, as i had a bad cough and sore throat >< i had no choice but to look at them eating, I COULD'T eat!!..T.T 
Not only that, i couldn't talk much too, but the guys were all so funny, and i couldn't stop myself from laughing,hahahaha...the way they chatted with each!!

Around 1am++ , we went back to hostel, and by the time we reached, it was 2am..haha
we girls had the privilege, because we did not drive, so we could sleep nicely in the car
the most pity one is lei hung, he got to drive..haha..

But, i did enjoy this kind of gathering..thanks lei hung for bringing us go McD^^!!

Lei hung and us^^


Friday, March 19, 2010

本来我们只是要在山附近跑步,怎知,这样巧的,我们遇到了爬山协会的auntie uncle 们,





A great CNY gathering..(after 7 years..)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

wow~whats a memorable gathering..
after 7 years..we have a gathering among ourselves..
and this gathering is a ....fantastic one!!

N years ago, we, 6 families used to be going out for trips together..
but when we children are growing up days by days, organize a complete gathering is no longer an easy task..thus, we had stop this kind of gathering long time ago..


after 7 years, under such a coincidence situation, we get the chance to have a gathering again..
although not everyone is attending..but i would say..this is quite a complete gathering ...i like it very very very much..

haha..7 years is neither considered as very long period nor short period, but 7 years is long enough for us to change drastically indeed...i mean physically (is it too exaggerating using the word drastically?) ....ahaha..but we did look different compared with before..7 years ago...

we went to portugese village and had a very "HOT" dinner..the food was "HOT" and spicy..the weather is "hot" as well (as u know, this year new year was so so so hot) ..especially for yin ying and i..haha..both of us are sweating queen...LOL

after that we went to the seaside nearby..and took a lot of pictures..and sadly to say..all my photos were not that nice..because my face and hair were so "oily" ..thanks to the hot hot dinner..and my lovely "sweats"..

the last destination --- karaoke in like the night life in is so interesting and full of fun..^^while we were waiting for the empty room, i went to CC with my bro..and benson..
and i remembered i asked benson a question

CL: Ben, u prefer sg or m'sia?

Ben: I like m'sia more.

CL: why?

Ben: erm..i dun noe how to say..m'sia is like so ...err...unique!!^^..

(wow..such a good description from him to describe m'sia)^^

My first time getting my hair coloured~

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I had a black colour hair for 19 + years..err..
is time for me to change a new hair colour..

Today i went to colour my hair with thia thia,
guess what colour did i choose..
in fact, me myself also not sure what colour is that, LOL..shuld be red bah~
but not the obvious kind of red..its only a subtle distinction~but i like it:)


the last day of my degree Y1 S2 semester break

Sunday, January 17, 2010

erm..time passes really fast..
my one month holiday is going to the is the last day..

i reached kampar yesterday:)
and do you know what i had seen?

oh my godness!! It was a MESS in my room..
everything is all around..what's going on??

after listening to my housemates,
the modem which was previously in my room had been shifted out to the living room..
thats why my room turns out like this..
haha..but no choice..what to do ? i still gotta clear it up.. with my roommate, shin yit

the first hour of clearing passed, my room was still messy:(
the second hour...
the third hour...

arghhh...haha..even me myself also dunno how many of hours we used up for clearing up..
at last..we FINISHED our clearing up!!
our room is finally back to previously layout..
everything is back to the original places..ahaha..we did it..yohoo!!

and now ..which is today..i still have to prepare things for my class tomoro..
i gotta get back to my study mood ASAP..
because..until now..i m still in my holiday mood..LOL...

the starting of new semester..i hope..
it will be a nice one:)



i am a short girl..(according to my fren, T.T) but i love my height.. although i love my height, but i do not really love my weight coz when others see me, most of them will say :"哇,好吃好住哦” obviously,i get what's the meaning..>
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