A great CNY gathering..(after 7 years..)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

wow~whats a memorable gathering..
after 7 years..we have a gathering among ourselves..
and this gathering is a ....fantastic one!!

N years ago, we, 6 families used to be going out for trips together..
but when we children are growing up days by days, organize a complete gathering is no longer an easy task..thus, we had stop this kind of gathering long time ago..


after 7 years, under such a coincidence situation, we get the chance to have a gathering again..
although not everyone is attending..but i would say..this is quite a complete gathering ...i like it very very very much..

haha..7 years is neither considered as very long period nor short period, but 7 years is long enough for us to change drastically indeed...i mean physically (is it too exaggerating using the word drastically?) ....ahaha..but we did look different compared with before..7 years ago...

we went to portugese village and had a very "HOT" dinner..the food was "HOT" and spicy..the weather is "hot" as well (as u know, this year new year was so so so hot) ..especially for yin ying and i..haha..both of us are sweating queen...LOL

after that we went to the seaside nearby..and took a lot of pictures..and sadly to say..all my photos were not that nice..because my face and hair were so "oily" ..thanks to the hot hot dinner..and my lovely "sweats"..

the last destination --- karaoke in MELAKA....haha..wow..i like the night life in melaka..it is so interesting and full of fun..^^while we were waiting for the empty room, i went to CC with my sis..my bro..and benson..
and i remembered i asked benson a question

CL: Ben, u prefer sg or m'sia?

Ben: I like m'sia more.

CL: why?

Ben: erm..i dun noe how to say..m'sia is like so ...err...unique!!^^..

(wow..such a good description from him to describe m'sia)^^



i am a short girl..(according to my fren, T.T) but i love my height.. although i love my height, but i do not really love my weight coz when others see me, most of them will say :"哇,好吃好住哦” obviously,i get what's the meaning..>
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