i m getting more and more tired now..:(

Friday, April 30, 2010

haiz..study week is really a suffering week to all of us..
yet so free yet so busy..aikss..
really annoying..
other than study , we eat, other than eating, we study..
can imagine how suffering it is..
my brain is getting more and more tired now..

whats make me so suffering this sem..?
my coursework mark?
yup..80% is because of this..
i was too playful during mid terms..
thus i had a very very bad coursework mark this time..

who's fault?
whats cause me to study so so so hard now?
all is because of ME myself..
who to blame? is ME
who is supposed to bring back the marks lost? is ME...

so..no more complaints chun ling^^
the only i can do now is working hard and striking hard for it..thats all..
nothing else..
ALL the BEST chun ling...!! i can make it..:)

JIA YOU^.^(to all my frens too)

exam coming yor~

Friday, April 23, 2010

my study week starts!!
so is really time for me to pay full attention to it..

erm..this study week...our beloved fren ..feng lii come to kampar and visit us..besides, pooi sian came here too..
these two frens were our ex-kampar frens..haha
now they are studying in setapak campus..

its really a long time since we last meet feng lii ..almost a year~
so this gathering is really a great one for all of us here..
i wish that we can go back to foundation time so much..
although it is impossible to happen..
i still wish that we all able to maintain this friendship ..^^

healthy life chun ling!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

today is an usual day..
as usual..i m staying at home..doing my revision for final..
my progress for revision is very slow..
because i do not pay my 100% attention into it..
i played zombies after studying for a while..
i chatted with my friends when i started to feel boring..
thats why ..until now..i still cant get to finish all subjects..

and now guess what am i doing..
haha..maggi mee again..lol..
curry maggi mee with egg..wahaha..
i think my hair will all drop soon..
hopefully i will stop eating all these unhealthy food..
and lead a healthy life..

sushi bonanza!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

yesterday we went out as a gang to sushi king..
for sushi bonanza~
as you know..there must be a lot a lot of ppl waiting for sushi..
we all waited for nearly one hour..
and during the one hour..
we chatted..
we was eating hotdogs , bread and whatsoever that can fill our stomach..
we played ..
we took pics..

Say cheese!!

Leng o~~

People waiting outside XD

wow..busy busy~~

Future X-cop

Monday, April 12, 2010

Future x-cop..

i went for a movie in ipoh on 9th April 2010..is a friday..:)

if u ask me whats my comment on this movie..
erm..i would say..quite a good script..
but my frens said is quite fake ..LOL..
everyone has different perceptions on this movie..
overall..i would give 3 stars out of 5..XD


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Uncle, 我今午接到一通电话,姐姐带来给我这封噩耗..说您走了,离开我们了,




a new day .. a new life

Friday, April 9, 2010

life doesn't go on as smoothly as i expected..
sometimes..things happen beyond our control..

A new day,
A new life,
forget the unhappy past ,
hope for a better future..

how i wish i have somebody to lean on when i was unhappy.

but i m thankful because i have a bunch of frens to talk to..

and i am happy that i have my family with me..

just like what my friend told me

"learn to like the thing u have now instead of searching the one u like.."

i AM boring!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

aiks..it's a boring day..
after my last class for today..
i cycled back to hostel with housemate~

and by the time i reached home..as usual ..i would do the thing that normally all UTAR students will do..which is..FACEBOOK..ing..~

but sometimes..facebook is boring too..
no mood to play facebook now..no mood to play zombies now..
aiks aiks..~~should be studying by the way..but ... ...
LOL~~totally NO mood..

yo ...calling study mood!!
yo ...calling zombies mood!!
yo ...calling facebook mood!!

HAHA~..such a boring me..:)chun ling..u 're really BORING..><

~ L.I.B.R.A.R.Y ~

Monday, April 5, 2010


Its a monday !!
haha..a normal school day, as usual, we went to school in the morning, 
it was a 8am class, but we reached there around 8.15am..hehe..
we were late, if you ask me the reason for being late to school, it was because we walked to school,haha~

during the two hours break in the afternoon, we all went to the library after having out lunch~
guess what were we doing..lol..
we were suppose to be studying there..
but ended up....

(1) taking picture ^^

(2) errm...what were they doing? taking pics of their admirer? XD

(3)..FINALLY...we were back to our main purpose of coming to library ^.^

McD "trip" with u guys XD

Sunday, April 4, 2010

1 April 2010..did you get fooled by your friends??
haha..I am sure that YOU ALL had fun with it..either fooled by ppl or fooling ppl around..or both^^
for me, i was fooled by my friend..but it was a nice and funny one..LOL

on this day, we housemates had nothing to do, and the most “资深” housemate, our leng zai lei hung, brought us to Ipoh, went Ipoh for what?? haha..tell you frankly , just for McD!! ahaha..don't laugh my friends, kampar students here like to go there for McD, because sadly to say, there is no McD in Kampar, and we ALL love McD, LOL~

before we set off to ipoh, lei hung told me he received a call from his classmates, said they were about to go there for McD too, thus, we joined them as a big group for McD..yohoo^^. Although we did not know about his friends, but come on..we all are youngster, making friends around is our favourite^^..haha..lei hung did introduce his friends to us..and of course, introduced us to his friends too XD~

But on that day itself, my condition was not good, as i had a bad cough and sore throat ><..haiz..so i had no choice but to look at them eating, I COULD'T eat!!..T.T 
Not only that, i couldn't talk much too, but the guys were all so funny, and i couldn't stop myself from laughing,hahahaha...the way they chatted with each other..wow..FANtastic!!

Around 1am++ , we went back to hostel, and by the time we reached, it was 2am..haha
we girls had the privilege, because we did not drive, so we could sleep nicely in the car
the most pity one is lei hung, he got to drive..haha..

But, i did enjoy this kind of gathering..thanks lei hung for bringing us go McD^^!!

Lei hung and us^^



i am a short girl..(according to my fren, T.T) but i love my height.. although i love my height, but i do not really love my weight coz when others see me, most of them will say :"哇,好吃好住哦” obviously,i get what's the meaning..>
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