birthday @ 06/10/2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

yeap.that day was my birthday!!
i enjoyed it so so so so much..
this is the first time i celebrate with first "he" i would say~
he came all along the way to JB to celebrate my birthday..
i feel so touched and appreciate everything
i do not take this for granted!
i cherish it to the MAX!!

he accompanied me to jusco for a 3D my first 3D movie in my life!..
haha..hmm..that movie----> Resident Evil 3D is not a bad movie..but there is no subtitles!!
thus..i missed out quite a lot of the lines..LOL

we went for a lunch in stonegrill
he never been to this restaurant..
he said the TOMYAM (my favourite one) is very delicious..
and the chicken chop is nice as well..
i am glad that he enjoyed that lunch^^
and i hope i can always bring him for another good food in JB next time!
 ( although not much special food here..>.<)

At night..thanks for him to fetch cynthia and i to mount austin..the "place for mad people" haha..
named "feng ren guan"!!
the place is nice to take pics..and the fish sticks are damn nice wei..i LOVE that..haha..
next time sure go and dapao some..hehe..XD

Some words from me,

To all my friends who sent me birthday wishes, no matter thru which method, facebook or sms or phone call,
I REALLY appreciate all the wishes u all had given me..i am glad that u all are actually willing to drop a comment in my wall,  tag me in ur status or a post, send me a sms or give me a phone call (such as diyao?haha) word to u all.. THANKS!!! (from the bottom of my heart!=)

To my TG6 classmates, thanks for giving me an advance surprise!i love the cake..hehe..and that gives me an opportunity to cut cake wei..(according to swimming go)haha..FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!! + CLASSMATES FOREVER!!=)

To my beloved friend, cynthia, thanks for making an effort to celebrate with paiseh cant go out till very late..hehe..but i enjoyed it much about u ya?hehe..i like those games although they made me feel stupid..and i like ur "ma yi" time must call u miss "ma yi" ..haha

To my SIS!!!!!!..yohoo..jie jie ar..thanks for giving me a wonderful lunch + a pair of wa wa shoes as my birthday present..!!Love u much my sis..i love the lunch..coz i like to eat..i love the i really need it..and u have given those things to me which make me super duper happy, u noe that u cant celebrate with me on that day itself..but u came back home earlier in order to celebrate with me in advance..thanks ya sis..hehehe..and all the best in everything..jia you in ur assignment & presentation ya..

To my bro, haha..thanks for teaching me those " roger than, negative..skill!!.." haha..i love those phrase..and i will use it for quite some times..hahaha..hmm..and i am so excited that u actually share a birthday present with dad..!!i like the present as it was chosen by myself haha=)

To my dad, papa!!thanks for giving me the gift..!! although u always look like doesn't care about those birthday thingy..but u still remind mum to buy me a present..when i knew that from mum, i feel so touched!! thanks papa..and the SMS too!!..i din expect that sms from u..but it is so precious!!

To my mummy, hehe..mum, thanks for ur present ( hmm..i wun say what kind of present u had given me, BUT i LOVE it so much) ..and i need that so much too..mum..the present is so lovely and sweet..the design of the present are all so special and it so much..!! ^^

To vnct, hmm,,.thanks for making the effort in preparing for this JB trip..and the present as well as the celebration..i love the apple u gave me..and it smells so nice..!!i will use it everyday when i go to school..hehe, i know u are so tired to come all the way down to JB..but u still did it!! i feel so surprise!and the days u were here, i feel so happy, so happy that u enjoyed over here..=)THANKS YA!!^^

last but not least ! thanks all!!..

from chun ling


jiehui said...

very bad lah u! nvr mention xhinli and sookfui!

chunchun said...

i thanks them le a..haha..they sent me a sms included in those ppl who sent me bdae wish..we din go out celebrate my birthday ..

I am Cynthia~ ♥ said...

of coz i enjoyed so much on that day lo~ thanks for u and vincent let me join in for celebrating your bdae~ haha =D really happy taking photos and playing all those games with u and your boy, mayi mayi, yeah!! hoho^^

chunchun said... shuld say thanks that u willing to come out and celebrate..LOL..yeahh..mayi.!!^^

Sook fui said...

yaloh yaloh!!
nvr mention abt sad am I:(
Haih yuan lai i m so tiny in ur heart;p
dissapointed liao
dat is wat *** called? LOL =x

chunchun said...

hehe..sook fui!!..but now gonna special thanks le wo..add one more..ah mao and u!!hehe..thanks so much!!=)

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