New Mouse!!=)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I went to our uni PC fair and i bought a lovely green Mouse for my lappie!!=)
hehe..!finally i get one since the old mouse had spoiled !..=(

It only costs me RM12 (originally), and it looks much more nicer than my previous one..oh..i love this mouse very much !

hmm~~~i chose a green one becoz i love green colour..and it represents eco-friendly!!
yo..we must have "green alert"!! in order to keep our earth healthy!

"opps..then i must not call for delivery anymore..since this is not eco friendly at all..T.T"

come~~let me show you some pics here=)

Green Green..i love Green ^^


Katrina Tan said...

fuiyooh~nice green mouse!!

chunchun said...

haha..the other way round to praise urs? hmm..good idea!

Katrina Tan said...

hahah!! u knw me well^^

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