after taxation mid term

Saturday, March 5, 2011

hmm..the feeling now is like ..down ..down and down...
few small mistakes affect the whole tax computation..
i would say..don't be so careless next time, concentrate when looking at the question..

i would like to say, this semester is a very important semester for me to push up my CGPA, no big mistake is allowed if i want to score well, thus i have great pressure when studying for any single subjects, all my mind is about good result good result and good result..this will drive me crazy if i don't manage it well..

Still, i want to score well this semester, no matter how pressurize it is, no matter how tough it will be, no matter how be careful i should be, i am going + will do my very best in this every single subject..

this is my target for this semester.. i don not have any targeted result, just wish that i m able to have a great improve if compared to previous semester!

                                                  ~As a promise, to me myself~... ... 


Katrina Tan said...

totally agreed with u!!
it'll be a tough semester for us yet we still nid to go thru even with best effort!
jia you together ya^^

chunchun said...

yeah!!! together together jia you!!

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